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Commercial Real Estate Loans

MCL Funding is a wholesale lender providing comprehensive mortgage financing for investors and business owners looking to purchase or refinance a commercial property.

Purchase a Commercial Property

Real estate is an investment that, handled correctly, will always produce returns. Whether you are an investor seeking cash flow opportunity or a business owner seeking more control over your business growth, a commercial real estate property will deliver what you need.  

At MCL Funding, we find ideal loan terms for our client’s commercial property purchase. We help our clients analyze various financial factors that lenders will consider in the approval process such as loan-to-value ratio and debt-service-coverage ratio. When you partner with us, you’ll have a guide every step of the way.


Refinance Your Commercial Property

Smart property owners know that refinancing your commercial property can bring returns for years to come. At MCL Funding, we help commercial property owners find better rates and improve their monthly cash flow. 

If you are in a high-interest loan or one of the common ARM mortgages with the end of your 3-5 year term looming, you should consider refinancing. Rates are some of the lowest our country has ever seen. Unlock the equity in your property to get more capital to invest in other projects or simply improved cash flow.

Our Process

Our mortgage experts at MCL Funding provide you access to the best rates possible. We are a wholesale lender which affords us the flexibility to shop a variety of lenders for optimal terms.

And our process is quick and simple. 

  1. The MCL Funding Commercial Refinance Process:
    Setup an initial call to review your needs - We’ll talk about your property, your current mortgage, and what we can do to get you a better rate.
  2. Fill out the application - After our discussion, we’ll send you the application to fill out and return to us.
  3. Collect documents - We’ll walk you through the various documents that will need collected for submission.
  4. Pass off to processor or lender - We’ll collect all of your information and pass it off to the processor or lender of your loan.

The MCL Difference

In the end, one of the most defining factors of our service to our commercial clients is our optimistic, positive outlook on the opportunities. Whereas many lenders have become jaded and skeptical when things don’t work exactly as intended, we believe that the mere act of looking for positive solutions leads us to find them. 

If you’re looking for a wholesale commercial lender who will work hard to find the best terms, rates, and solutions, call MCL Funding or fill out the form above and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.